Teaching Methodology:

IBMR endeavours to make teaching participative and experiential.

Learning process is intended to be student-centric and not teacher-centric, meaning that the onus of learning is on the students. This essentially involves use of innovative pedagogy to be adopted by the faculty. Case studies, projects, presentations / viva, assignments, management games and role-plays are used extensively to achieve this objective. Students are encouraged to be fully involved in these activities to make use of their latent capabilities. This is made possible with state of the art facilities provided by this premier Institute.

IBMR's course curriculum is specifically designed to build soft skills.

Weekly Curriculum

Soft Skills:

At IBMR, we strongly believe in ethics and value system. Apart from providing for hard core professional skills, the course curriculum is specifically designed to cater to the soft skills required for the corporate executives. In developing soft skills, emphasis is given on the areas like self development, interpersonal skills and leading through teams etc.