Students Voice

IBMR Students Alumni1

I am extremely happy that I joined IBMR. I come from a rural background and when I joined IBMR my English communication was not up to the mark as such I was very shy and withdrawn. After having joined IBMR my whole perspective has changed. My English has not only improved but my personality has changed for the good. I attribute this change in me to IBMR.
Ms. Shruti Hortikar, BCA 2nd Semester

IBMR Students Alumni2

IBMR Degree College is the best thing that has happened to me. The faculty and the teaching are excellent. In addition to teaching, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities such as debating, elocution and other sports have helped me in my personality development.
Ms. Subdha shetty, BCA

IBMR Students Alumni3

IBMR Degree College is one of the best colleges around here. After joining IBMR my life has completely changed for the good. The Management and the teaching staff are very encouraging. Students are constantly encouraged excel in studies and participate in various Fests which helps in students in becoming employable. I am exceptionally happy to be a part of this IBMR institute.
Ms. Rohini Bengeri, BBA

IBMR Students Alumni4

I am fortunate that I am pursuing my studies at this esteemed College. It's really amazing that so many extracurricular activities are conducted by the college in addition to the regular academic deliberations. My sincere thanks to the college and the faculties for helping me and my friends to discover our talents within and outside the campus.
Mufeez N. Mulla, BBA

IBMR Students Alumni5

I must confess that it's a matter of great pride that I belong to the family of IBMR. The inspiring teachers of IBMR have made me to scale new heights and their varied experience has given me more insightful learning. Sincerely I owe my indebtedness to the Management, Dean and Principal for their constant support and encouragement.
Mr. Naveed R K BBA

IBMR Students Alumni6

The curricular and extracurricular activities are the best that I have noticed at IBMR. No other college has infrastructure as good as IBMR around this part of Karnataka state. I am very glad to be the part of this great educational institute.
Ms. Uma Maheshwari, BCA

IBMR Students Alumni7

IBMR has given me lots of opportunities to explore and excel academically and in extra curricular activities. The infrastructure and environment has boosted my morale and now I am a go-getter. Excellent teaching methodology at the IBMR has made my learning interesting and qualitative.
Kiran Ladhwa ,BBA

IBMR Students Alumni8

I am proud to say I am studying at IBMR. I just couldn't believe that there could be such a wonderful place to pursue education under the tutelage of learned faculty. I must say that I am very fortunate to be a part of IBMR.
Ms. Basavaraj C, BBA