Projects and Industrial Visits

Projects and Industrial Visits

Internships/Projects constitute an integral part of the IBMR curriculum and are valued for their relevance in Management Education. Internship is positioned between the first and second year of the IBMR program. After completing the first year course work, the students are placed in different organizations for a period of two months on a specific assignment.

Apart from giving the students an opportunity to test out the theoretical concepts learnt in the classroom, the project experience gives an insight into the working of the real organizations. This also helps students explore career opportunities in their areas of interest and appreciate the inter-linkages among different functions and develop a realistic managerial perspective about the organizations.

The Corporate Resource Center locates suitable projects in different organizations. The students have to accept the first offer they get. As a part of the assignment, students are required to submit a report. The presentation made by the student to the organization forms the basis for the evaluation of the project work.

Industry Visits

To have a firsthand knowledge of how Industries and organizations operate, industry visits are organized. The interaction with industry experts, touring of factories and facilities help students to relate the theories they have learnt.

Some Industrial Visits:

  • IBM Ind. Pvt, Ltd.
  • Mindtree
  • Ionidea Ind. Pvt, Ltd.
  • LVT, Parle Ltd.,
  • Spicer India. Ltd.

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