IBMR Facilities


  WiFi Campus:

The whole campus has wifi facility with high speed broad band communication network.

  Well Equipped Class Rooms.:

Class rooms are equipped with ergonomically designed furniture, instructional boards and panels, audio visual equipment, computer systems and latest teaching aids.


IBMR Library endeavours to serve the role of Knowledge Arena. The volumes of books and Journals is being continuously updated by adding new editions/publications. Presently the library has over 3,500 books and subscribes to numerous National and International journals freely accessible to all the members of IBMR. Students are issued library books as per the library rules framed and displayed in the library from time to time. Mutilating or defacing library books, journals and other material by highlighting, underlining, writing, removing pages, or otherwise damaging the library material will be viewed very seriously as an offence committed that may lead to disciplinary as well as penal action.

Computer Lab:

IT has effected a paradigm shift in life, business and relationships. IBMR appreciates the impact IT has on the compression and consolidation of knowledge life cycles and the resultant glut in information and dearth of knowledge in today's business scenario. Our objective has been to be in the forefront of utilization of IT and leverage the power of IT on making learning informative and entertaining. A thirty-seat Computer Lab as well as a state of the art Laptop Lab exists for students of IBMR.