IBMR Executive Director. Shri Riyaz Basari

"We don’t just speak the change We make the change”

Shri Riyaz Basari

Executive Director
IBMR Degree College


In the horizon of contemporary Management Education, one can visualize the emergence of great opportunities and formidable challenges. The fact that the National Economy is triggered into the trajectory of growth, never witnessed before, the emerging economic regime has galvanized the need for Management Graduates to man the corporate as well as SMEs. This leaves a large gap in the supply of professional managers providing a great opportunity for the aspiring youth who want to pursue Management Education.

Learning management concepts and techniques per se is not enough; the success lies in translating knowledge into wisdom by applying the same to real world situation and problems. Methodologies in teaching should be devised in such a way that the real-world experiences are brought into class-room situation. Case studies relevant to Indian environment will be more realistic.

The programme architecture of IBMR is designed to address the above issues and provide a holistic education in the field of management.

At IBMR, along with Academics we Groom and Mentor our students, helping them to hone their Professional and Personal skills from the moment they step into our Campus. Our Training and Placement cell focus on creating leaders for the corporate world with extensive intellectual, creative and societal capabilities.

IBMR is equipped with state-of-the-art lecture rooms, computer laboratory and enriched digital library.

We organise Extensive Corporate – To – College interaction programmes focused on Personality Development, Communication and Confidence building skills, We create value added training opportunities with relevant industry demand.

IBMR fraternity has successfully conducted themselves over the years for achieving excellence. The faculty members continue to discharge their duties with dedication, commitment, passion and courage. In the years ahead, IBMR will strive to become one of the best global academic Institute. A lot has been done and much more is desired to take it to higher trajectory of growth. For this we believe that all the stakeholders are equally significant but the most important stakeholder and the strength of the IBMR is the input of the system i.e. the STUDENTS, who pass through the various processes designed by the management and faculty.

The results of our effort and dedication are evident everywhere in the form of True professional who create real impact Globally.

At IBMR Students are given opportunity to work on live projects through tie ups with organizations across a spread of institutions and they are having free hands to carry out many academic as well as artistic activities which in fact will provide platform to exhibit talent and potentials.

The excellent placements and success of IBMR Students in industry bear testimony to the effectiveness of IBMR’S m.Com Programme.

I convey my good wishes to all those who are aspiring to get admitted to IBMR.

Riyaz Basari,

Executive Director

IBMR Degree College,Hubballi