IBMR Chairman-Vinaychandra M. Mahendrakar

At IBMR, we are conscious that you have to make a very important decision about your career. You may be considering various options and alternatives. but at this juncture you may not be sure what to choose. There are many courses, which you must consider very carefully before you make the final decision. We have tried to son out your dilemma by giving details about the undergraduate courses offered at IBMR.

The faculty is the backbone of our Institute. It is our firm belief that value-based learning has far greater relevance in a dynamic work environment. We ensure that our students share a special relationship with The institution. Our students have easy access to faculty guidance, firm assurance of our staff support and very caring and nurturing environment. The culture at IBMR is of mutual trust and our mission is to demonstrate an undiluted commitment to leaning.

If you need more inputs, please feel free to write to us. We, on our part, assure you of our best endeavor to look after and promote your interests.

Vinaychandra M. Mahendrakar

Founder & Chairman