IBMR Chairman-Vinaychandra M. Mahendrakar

India’ s changing economic scenario has brought a new age that is as turbulent as it is dynamic. Today our country is facing a new spectrum of challenges brought about by the integration of global economies, adoption of new technologies, innovative manufacturing business practices and paradigm shifts in our approach towards customer services and corporate governance. Corporate india today needs successful global managers as well as professionals who have the skills and confidence to meet these challenges. And go beyond and become not just leaders, but pioneers and path breakers of the future. We believe you are that future.

Through innovative study, insightfull lecturers and interactive group discussions, delivered by leading academicians and industry executives, you will develop powerful decision making, problem solving and leadership skills in an environment that is both enriching and supportive.

We look forward to welcoming you to IBMR at all the four campuses and assure you that it will be an experience that you will cherish for life, IBMR is not just about state of the art infrastructure, wifi enabled campuses, top notch faculty and air conditioned classrooms, IBMR is about holistic student development, about a unique learning space that gives you the opportunity to discover your potential, sharpen your skills, shape your personality and ultimately realize your potential, at IBMR we believe in you, go global and get empowered.

Vinaychandra M. Mahendrakar

Founder & Chairman